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If you’re like us, you don’t want to spend your winter months inside, spinning away on a trainer or snacking away on the couch. You want to be outside, logging quality miles and enjoying the changing seasons and crisp fresh air. Fortunately, with the proper winter apparel, you can comfortably and safely ride all year long, even on the coldest and snowiest of winter days.

We’ve put together a Winter Riding Guide below - check out our recommendations to keep you nice and toasty (but not too toasty) from head to toe. Visit us today for more winter riding tips and information and to see our excellent selection of winter riding gear in person.

Keeping your head, neck, and ears warm on chilly to cold days is essential for comfortable, safe winter riding. Selecting the appropriate headwear will ensure that you protect this important region without overheating.

For days in the 50s and 60s or on those chilly morning rides that turn into beautiful days, we recommend a headband that will cover your ears but let heat escape from your head. Easy to remove and store as you warm up!

As temps drop into the 40s and 50s, a skullcap or helmet-friendly hat will help regulate your head’s heat and moisture. With a variety of light to thermal-lined options, we have a hat that will work for you.

When it’s below 40 degrees outside, keeping your neck and lower face warm is critical. Pull a balaclava over your head for complete head and neck coverage that is sure to stay in place and keep you warm on the coldest rides.

When you ride, your hands and arms not only are on the front line for wind and weather exposure, but also play a crucial role in shifting, braking, and controlling your ride. We have best-in-class gear that will keep your digits warm without sacrificing control or comfort.

For days that start off with a chill but promise sunshine and rising temps, we suggest arm warmers that will keep your arms warm but are easy to remove and pack into your jersey as you heat up.

From liners to lightweight gloves to wind and waterproof thermal-lined mittens, we have gloves that will keep you comfortable in any conditions. With cycling-specific features such as forehand and heel padding, silicone coated fingers for gripping, and long wrist cuffs to tuck into your jacket, investing in a pair (or two) of cold weather cycling gloves will change the way you think about winter riding.

As it is the home for your heart and lungs, regulating the temperature of your torso while you ride is extremely important. By layering, you can ensure that your body and blood supply stay warm, and you can also strip off external layers to ensure that you don’t overheat as your body temperature or the external temperature rises.

Perhaps the most important piece for cool weather riding, the baselayer is designed to pull moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable. Available in short sleeve and long sleeve, and with or without wind protection, we have a baselayer for any temperature.  

If you’re heading out in the 50s or 60s in consistent conditions, a long sleeve jersey is a great option to keep you warm. For colder or wetter rides, wear this piece under a vest or shell.

Throw on a vest to protect your core as you warm up, or pack a weather-resistant vest if you’re heading out into unpredictable weather. Our vests also feature reflective piping, increasing your visibility on the road.

The most variable of the torso pieces, jackets are available as light, breathable shells for cool rides and as wind and waterproof thermal jackets to protect you from the nastiest winter conditions. We even have convertible jackets with removable sleeves for crazy weather, intense climbing rides, and all around versatility.

Keep your leg muscles warm for better pedaling and keep your knees warm to prevent unpleasant ligament damage. Your legs may not feel as chilly as the rest of your body, but proper leg coverage is key to safe and efficient cold weather riding.

Easy on, easy off - on chilly mornings or crisp fall rides, protect your important knee ligaments with warmers.

Wear your favorite bibs or shorts and pull on leg warmers to keep the wet and wind off of your legs. Take them off and pack them in your jersey pocket once you’ve warmed up.

Cover your knees with knickers or go all the way with tights - whatever your preference, we have something for you. Knickers and tights are available with or without a chamois, and come in lightweight, thermal, and wind and waterproof varieties to keep you covered in all weather conditions.

Cold, wet feet are the worst. Fortunately, we can help you avoid this discomfort with covers designed specifically to protect your feet while riding. Whether you’re on the road or in the muck, we have a solution for you.

On cooler days or drizzly rides, keep the chill off of your toes without overheating your feet. Toe covers can be pulled easily over your cycling shoes and are designed to stay in place while they block the wind.

On colder, wetter days, protect your entire foot with cycling booties. We have both road and mountain options available with convenient cleat cutouts, as well as hi-vis varieties to increase your visibility. With this full-coverage, insulated accessory, your feet will stay happy and warm on the coldest winter rides.

Keep your shoes toasty from the inside out with warm, quick drying wool socks. With minimal bulk and natural moisture wicking material, wool cycling socks are essential on cold weather rides. Available in a variety of lengths.

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